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Guild Website Hosting - How to produce results

For many gamers, guild clan website hosting can mean the difference between a guilds life or death, literally. Whether a new or seasoned guild leader, having a personal home on the internet ensures the groups ability to collaborate, discuss, and plan future events. Guild Clan hosting has many benefits: planning, communication, events/raids, scheduling, privacy, discussion forums, recruitment, and many other intangibles.

Ever try to get a group of people together in real life at the same time? Chances are someone has not shown up or didn't RSVP. With video games the same is true; people need to be able to clearly see a guilds schedule of events on a calendar and be able to plan on attending or letting the guild leader know they can't make it. Without this virtual home on the internet, guilds and clans would be left to hope X amount of members show up for their newest raid, or event. Now with guild hosting a guild leader can assess if they have enough members to go forward with an event rather than canceling.

Guilds and Clans can take advantage of private forums through a guild hosting provider to air out their indifference or discuss latest strategies, events, and recruitment. Without these private forums guilds and clans would be forced to discuss private/personal issues with guild members over a generic forum where non-members could view this. This is not acceptable so the guild host provider gives the guild/clan privacy as well as their own personal space. Discussing family matters at Dunkin Donuts is analogous to discussing recruitment with non members.

With the new age of guild clan website hosting providers springing up such as CharacterPlanet, it is becoming easier to match Virtual Characters looking for Guilds and Guilds looking for Virtual Characters. By taking the approach of matching Virtual Characters to Guilds/Clans rather than Real Life people to Guilds/Clans CharacterPlanet gives its members ability to be virtually matched. Think E-harmony only for the Virtual Worlds. The ability to save hundreds of hours on recruitment is a greatly added benefit of guild clan hosting. When one views a guild site they can easily see what race/class level combinations the guild needs as well as what level equipment one should have or any stipulation such as, real life tournament experience for CounterStrike or Epic gear for World of Warcraft.

Guild hosting can also mean more notoriety within the gaming community. If you have a guild clan website it immediately gives your organization the credibility it deserves. This landing page for the curious, enviuous, and even your enemies will solidfy your position for that game or games. Fires of Heaven is a great example as their website received hundreds of thousands of hits. It is forming this buzz about ones guild that also leads to more recruits and of course more enemies

Depending on what game one plays there are a myriad of guild website hosting templates and clan templates as well. A World of Warcraft guild website will certainly look different than a Halo or EverQuest site but the principles are the same. Whether you want to gain more credibility, become more organized as a leader, or create a sense of teamwork within your own guild/clan, guild clan website hosting is beneficial.

There are of course both paid and free hosting solutions. The paid services in the past have dominated but the free ones have made leaps and bounds to give the same services and better in some instances. Most of the paid providers lack a community wrapped around the hosting to make recruitment more tedious than necessary. Regardless of the route you choose, be sure to utilize the awesome power of immortalizing your Guild on the internet with a place you can call home.

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Online Gaming MMORPG critique

MMORPG gaming and console gaming have traditionally been thought of as completely separate and different playstyles. As the video game industry progresses however one can see that there are reasons to play both, rather than one sub-genre exclusively. This essay will go over the vast differences, as well as the universal traits that make both these forms of gaming complementary rather than contradictory.

One powerful trait both mmorpg gaming and console gaming share is that of escapism. Research has shown a strong connection between pain and anxiety. In fact, Nationwide Children's Hospital has put this into practice by helping burn victims. The children play in this virtual reality to distract them from the painful process of healing from burn wounds. Although most would assume a virtual world such as World of Warcraft would be more immersive there are also console games such as Fable which would beg to differ. Here we see a powerful tool of video games, escapism, which unchecked can lead to an unhealthy obsession with the virtual worlds.

A driving force of the mmorpg gaming industry is progression. Progression via game is slightly diffferent but most deal with ones virtual character leveling up skills, stats, and equipment referred to as gear. This progression leads to a deeper immersion associated with most console games that can usually be played for a day, turned off, and turned on a month later. With mmorpg games however, the world around you continues whether or not you are progressing. If you aren't progressing you are natually falling behind. This is a similar trait to a game we all play, life. An mmorpg is the highest form of capitalism and hard work pays off, whereas console games can be seen as a quicker escape with less progression goals. Console games have had single player forms of progression without the online aspect, also known as roleplaying games. Games such as Final Fantasy, Zelda, and even Super Mario. We see the ability for console games to have progression in the form of both virtual characters as seen in final fantasy and zelda, but only map progression in games like Mario wherein the character doesn't progress, just the maps do. The inability for console gamers to personify there virtual characters has led to the explosive growth of the online pc mmorpg industry. With the advent of online play however, console worlds are now becoming closer to their cousin PC or Mac. One can look at the success of Halo and John Madden football on the console systems. It is the ability for quick fun but also combined with an everchanging leaderboard system to progress, to become the best player. It is this hybridization that gives console games the appeal of casual gamers which the mmo industry scares away. If one wants to load up a game of Madden for an hour they can do so and turn it off without fear of Brian Urlacher losing 5 tackling. If one does the same in Warhammer they may find themselves logged in with inferior gear and guildless.

Guild Pressure! Guild pressure is just like peer pressure only it's intensified by players you mostly play with in your virtual world. In the past console gamers did not have to worry about letting someone down if they turned off final fantasy. Perhaps Cloud was secretly angry but he could never let you know. Today, not being able to attend a raid in World of Warcraft, or a PK run in Ultima Online can have social consequences within these heavily socially based virtual worlds. Turning down your guildmates can be difficult and even against your interest in the guild. In real life, if your boss asks you to do something because they rely on you, you would most likely help him/her out. The virtual worlds are no different. One's guild leader may ask you to help camp a spawn or partake in a hunt; if the answer is no all the time you will inevitably lose standing with the guild leader, if not the entire guild. Before the onset of online console play, you made all the decisions and had no one, except maybe your brother/sister nagging you to turn on the game and play. Now even Console gamers have this social dynamic seen with Clans. Clans are synonymous with guilds but the term is used for most console guilds. If you are a member of a Clan that is hardcore you better be sure to make the big clan matches. Let your clan down, you let everyone down. It is this mentality that is changing casual games to a more serious, hardcore feel that PC games had exclusively for the past decade. You are now a part of something larger than yourself. It can be incredbily satisfying to be in a guild or clan and help those you care about, but it can be equally as hard to say no to those very same friends.

Both mmorpg gamers and console gamers have considered themselves separate. The reality is both gamers enjoy aspects of progression, escapism, friendships, and of course FUN! We forget at times the games are for fun. As a human species we are naturally hedonisitic so why not enjoy all forms of the video game industry? I'll see you in World of Warcraft and a game of Tetris later.

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